managed services

W = f ( t, r, q )    work is a function of time, resources and quality.    An equation for common sense.
Managed Services is the model of outsourcing management responsibilities on a proactive basis and a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses.   The alternative is On-Demand (break/fix), the model providing reactive services and the client is billed only for the work done.

The theory is that the Managed Services Provider is a team of consummate professionals that are expert in operating discipline, and they do it centrally for numerous clients.   Thus, providing a continuous improvement process for operations collectively for all clients, thereby reducing expenses. 

Shopping for services may be daunting as most providers look the same behind the techie presentation.  The object of many providers is to increase your dependency on their own branded infrastructure services.  Company decision makers may not be fully aware of the ramifications this entails, until such time the company wishes to regain management control or transition to a different service provider.  Transition may be a complex, full migration at great cost, defeating the original presented financial benefit to the client.

affiliated will collaborate with you to determine the right solution from fully managed to an integrated package.  Above all else, your network and infrastructure remain under your control.  affiliated is not an official reseller of any vendor or service entity.  We design transparent solutions based on the need and financial parameters of the client mission.  We leverage our procurement strategy for clients, selecting the best solutions, in the company name, within the company procurement policy and procedure.  All assets and services documented, fully transparent.  It's all about the client.

For example, when mergers or acquisitions occur, the executive management team may determine that an internal team will become responsible for management of the enterprise.  affiliated will immediately commit to a transition engagement and collaborate with the company staff including documentation and training for an efficient transition, dissolving complexity.

Your Service Catalog Includes:
  • Complete proactive IT Management and collaboration with consummate professionals
  • Guidance, compliance, governance
  • Servers, Workstations, Software, Hardware
  • Cloud Services including infrastructure, virtual services, web applications, email, Google, Office 365, Azure
  • Network design, organization and monitoring, including firewall and wireless access
  • Print services
  • Anti-virus solutions
  • Security profiles and access
  • Backup, on premise, cloud based
  • ERP, Accounting, Medical, Property Management, Implementations, Database design
  • Change Management, service desk
  • Fully defined contracts, completely transparent, all based on a 30 day cycle, including a 30 day transition plan