about affiliated

" To Remember where you come from is part of where you're going... " Anthony Burgess
1999. Y2K, also known as the Millennium Bug. Years prior, short sighted people cut corners by choosing to use a 2 digit year, instead of 4, for systems.  Everyone let it go until just before the turn of the century.

Simultaneously, the exponential growth of technology brought the tide of corporate reengineering because people bought hype instead of practicality.  The expensive new technology did not deliver what was promised.

Many technology professionals talk the talk to rationalize billable hours.  They lost their integrity and purpose to provide solutions and education with an attainable learning curve to inspire people to work efficiently, with continuous support. 

That was the inspiration that founded affiliated in 1999:  Listen to the needs of the client.  Research the solution, plan, build and deliver, while collaborating in transparency with the client, consistently.  Become a trusted advisor and partner, not just a vendor.  Earn trust based on character, integrity and the discipline of our work, to dissolve complexity.